Beyond Doomsday is a site that covers the Apocalypse.

What’s Beyond Doomsday?

Beyond Doomsday is a website that covers all things Post Apoc: i.e. Comics, Novels, films, events, music etc.

What’s the Beyond Doomsday comic?

Beyond Doomsday is the new Illustrated comic book of fantasy, horror andScience Fiction.

Beyond Doomsday is currently a digital comic available on Comixology. Click Here:

We will be running a Kickstarter to raise funds for a Hardcover collection of all the digital comics.

What’s the Beyond Doomsday Kickstarter?

The Byond Doomsday LKickstarter will launch sometime mid-2020. This will include Post Apoc stories from Frank Forte, Ryan Brown, Mark McCann, Nenad Gucunja, Steve Mannion, Sylvester Song, Edu Menna, J.C. Wong, Mora Mike, Liezl Buenaventura, Dinei Ribiero, Fabio Nahon and many more to be announced.

When will the Beyond Doomsday Kickstarter launch?

Sometime in mid-2020. Sign up for the newsletter for updates.