• Beyond Doomsday Vol. 1
  • Page Count: 128-200 pages (we don’t have the final count yet
  • Retail price $24.99-$29.99 (depends on final page count)
  • Distribution: Available through Diamond Comics and Diamond Books Distributors and all major book wholesalers
  • ISBN: (Don’t have one yet)
  • Size: 8.5’x11″ Full Color

Beyond Doomsday Vol. 1 is a hard cover collection of Illustrated comic book post apoc, fantasy, horror and science fiction. This giant edition features five twisted tales of post armageddon terror. “The Transaction” (by frank Forte and Silvester Song) takes us on a dirty deal gone bad in the darkest regions of space. “Battlefield X” (by Frank Forte) brings us on the front lines of a bio-chemical war. “Mutation”(by Frank Forte and J.C. Wong) delivers a tale os post-nuke mutations and sexual deviancy which can only have disastrous results. Other tales include “Incident at Alpha Proxima” and “Short Circuit”.  “Beacon from Scorpius 4” (by Frank Forte and Edu Menna) bring us to the edge of space where a lone astronaut responds to a distress signal–could it be his doom? “Sex tales from Cyborg-9” (by Frank Forte and MoraMike) takes us to a lone planet where a group of aliens are exchangeing bizarre sex stories, until a secret is revealed. “Swamp Girl”(by Frank Forte and Fabio Nahon) takes us to the barbaric past where a sex crazed girl can’t seem to get enough of her swamp beast lover. and finally “Pondering in the Apocalypse”, where a lone survivor of a nuclear war ponders humanity and the future of the earth. (by Frank Forte and Jethro Morales). Cover by J.C. Wong. Colorists this issue :Liezl Buenaventura and Dinei Ribeiro