We are no longer at the dawn of a new age. We have long since left it behind. The mysterious secret of fire and the baroque grandeur of the grinding, thundering steam engine are all but distant memories. Our journey through the silicon valley has taken us far and beyond the scope of our imagination. […]


Kickstarter is LIVE!-The Vampire Verses:Blood Rites Sketchbook and Art Book

THE VAMPIRE VERSES: BLOOD RITES SKETCHBOOK/ART BOOK is a 32 page saddle stitched comic that includes art and sketches from The Vampire Verses series by Frank Forte. The art ranges from 1995 to present day with character studies, cover studies, renders, creature design, environment design, pin-ups and more. The book hopes to reintroduce fans to the series and be a prelude to the continuation of The Vampire Verses #5-#12. […]



n 1932, while in Germany the Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler was gaining space and influence, in Argentina General Agustín P. Justo had won the presidential elections, which were marred by irregularities and fraud; these were the times that would later become known as “The Infamous Decade” (1930-1943). There was a climate of a pressing economic crisis and the rise and consolidation of the right wing, linked to the Church. […]


Silver City: The world’s first ever Mad Max Fan Magazine

The world’s first ever Mad Max Fan Magazine celebrates the 40th Anniversary of MAD MAX with this sensational second issue! An amazing collection of articles and photos! With contributions from original cast & crew, dedicated fans, replica vehicle builders, costume designers, artists, model makers, film documentaries, etc etc etc – a MUST HAVE for all Mad Max fans. […]