Silver City: The world’s first ever Mad Max Fan Magazine

The world’s first ever Mad Max Fan Magazine celebrates the 40th Anniversary of MAD MAX with this sensational second issue! An amazing collection of articles and photos! With contributions from original cast & crew, dedicated fans, replica vehicle builders, costume designers, artists, model makers, film documentaries, etc etc etc – a MUST HAVE for all Mad Max fans.

Created by Dark Oz productions out of Australia this tribute and love fest for all things Mad Max and Post Apoc is an amazing collection of stories, comics, film pictures, behind the scenes and wastelanders reliving the Mad Max world.

We here at Beyond Doomsday love Mad Max, so how could we not love this Fanzine! Darren Koziol and Dark Oz bring us a collection of articles, photos and tributes to Mad Max mythology that makes us want to be there in person. Silver City begs us to bring on the apocalypse!

Currently the list of contributors includes: Dale Bensch (Mad Max stunts), Emil Minty (actor in Mad Max 2), Lindsay Foote (gaffer on Mad Max 1), Przemysław Herman (admin of Mad Max pages on Facebook and YouTube), Eddie Beyrouthy (Mad Max documentary maker), Mad Max Cars (USA), Ray Smyth (photographer at Wasteland Weekend), Chris Bond (miniature builder), The Dark Clouds (“MFP” music video), Joe at Perfecto Studios (Kickstarter video editing), Melvin Zed (dedicated fan with in depth knowledge), Steve Scholz (cosplay perfectionist), Jim ‘Tank’ Dorsey (Lord Humongous of Wasteland Weekend), Faye Murman (photographer and documentary maker), Aaron Stevenson (“Welcome to Wherever You Are” documentary & film maker), Alan Potter (brilliant replica vehicle maker), Michael Hughes (Interceptor replica builder/owner USA), Yoshiaki Murata (Mad Max fan from Japan who travels the globe for MM events), Simon Lloyd (Interceptor replica builder/owner AUS), Russell MacLeod (Interceptor replica builder/owner UK), Frantz Kantor (cover artist), Arthur Strickland (artist), Katrina Young (artist),  Darren Koziol (photographer & DARK OZ editor), Aaron Deneau (artist), Dean Barford (artist), Dominic Fabiani & Max Braun (artist). And to be confirmed: Bertrand Cadart (Mad Max actor and bike designer), Kjell Nilsson (Mad Max 2 actor), The Mad Max Museum (in Silverton, Australia), Terry Gibson (Mad Max stunts), Mark Sexton (Fury Road comic book artist), Peter Pond (Fury Road concept artist), Brendan McCarthy (Fury Road concept artist), and more…

For anyone wondering what you get in this fantastic magazine:
– Dale Bensch (stuntman on MM1) shares stories and unseen photos
– Lindsay Foote (gaffer on MM1) shares some rare on-set photos of MM1
– Emil Minty (the Feral Kid in MM2) shares his personal photos on set of MM2
– background notes (researched by Przemysław Herman) on where MAX learnt to drive… and who is The Dark One???
– Mad Max Cars (USA), professional builders of Interceptors and more, share their story and build photos
– Wasteland Weekend USA – lots of photos and stories!!!
– the Mack tanker truck from MM2, building a perfect (amazing detail) miniature (and it’s remote controlled too)
– Dogs of WarHumungsWez – articles and photos of these amazing people, cosplay, conventions, etc
– Beneath the Sun, an article about the NEW documentary on Mad Max fans and their dedication
– Welcome to Wherever You Are, the story of the infamous Interceptor documentary and road trip
– The Dark Clouds, this Aussie pub rock band and their MFP song
– MAD MAX fan art
– MAD MAX replica cars from around the world!
– and more…!!!

people can buy the PDF or print versions from the DARK OZ website –

This first issue is a photo magazine of the Mad Max fan events at Silverton, Australia, over the last 7 years – with hundreds of photos of amazing replica vehicles and Mad Max 2 film location visits. 52-pages, full colour, hundreds of photos, and two complete ‘Mad Max’ influenced comic book stories. This is still the 1st print run, get in before stocks run out.

DARK OZ is an independent Australian publisher, based in Adelaide (South Australia), producing a growing line of unique and high quality comic books.  Every issue features around a dozen to two-dozen creators – making this the biggest and best showcase of Australian talent around, with over 100 Australian creators featured in over 30 big comic books so far. Every issue is a showcase of the incredible talent Australia has to offer.        Including some international guests there are over 150 creators featured in total – writers, artists, illustrators, graphic designers.
        With such a vast talent pool, history and provenance, DARK OZ will expand to offer comics for film, television and businesses of all sizes.
        DARK OZ started with the horror title ‘DECAY’ but has since released a number of other titles, including the very popular ‘Retro Sci-Fi Tales’, privately commissioned comics for many individual clients (personal, corporate), and more.       We are now in talks with several Australian film and television properties to work with them of several projects. DARK OZ also has board games and other merchandise now in development.

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