Heavy Metal Magazine #299 Preview Fantasy Special

Heavy Metal #299 Gerald Brom cover

Heavy Metal 299, the Mythic Worlds special, is available for order in the Heavy Metal online shop! We’ve assembled yet another impressive lineup of talent to bring you the best in science-fiction and fantasy, including legends like Richard Corben and Philippe Caza; repeat contributors like John Bivens, Peach Momoko and Steve Mannion; and numerous first-timers.

We’ve got three covers for this issue:

In this issue:

“Murky World” Chapter 13, by Richard Corben, continues. In a bizarre land populated by hungry deadlings, cruel necromancers, and buxom cyclops, Tugat the warrior sets out to retrieve his lost horse Frix.

A demon torments her creator in “Revenge of the Cicatrix” by David Baillie & Conor Boyle.

“Americon Dreamin,’” Scott Duvall & Ralf Singh resurrect dinosaurs for a future threat in WWIV.

Charles Fetherolf introduces a fabled assassin in “Thirteen Deathless.”

“Familiaris” brings us witchy English Folklore by John Reppion & David Hitchcock.

Matt Medney and Morgan Rosenblum’s “Dogma Resistance” spans the ancient past and near future –

Steve Mannion’s “Les Fleurs de Mort” takes on the power of love.

“Invisible Touch” by Jok evokes medieval China

“Getting to the Church on Time” by Robert Randle & Martina Fari is a fresh take on classic fairy lore.

Finnish heroic tale “Tuonela” conjures up supernatural strife from Hannu Kesola & Axel Medellin.

Peach Momoko’s “Confess” cleanses sins by the power of tattooing.

Philippe Caza tells a classic, dark vampiric tale in “Wedding”.

John Bivens’ “Lust” unleashes Asmodeus upon the world.

Also featuring galleries and interviews with multiple Hugo Award-winning illustrator Michael Whelan and with world-builder Sean Andrew Murray!

What They Say:

Heavy Metal CEO, Matt Medney says, “”Fall back into your cerebrum and escape into the serenity of your imagination.”  

“We’ve been running a lot of themes in the magazine the past several years, and as we reach a milestone, we wanted to celebrate the genres that made this magazine what it is,” says managing editor Tim Seeley.

“Heavy Metal has always been a place to find fantasy, horror and science fiction, we’re revisiting our roots in this eclectic issue,” explains content editor Frank Forte.

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