RANX: the Complete Collection

RanXerox, thepost-apocalyptic android, gets an ómnibus. Heavy Metal announces the release of a special preview of Ranx:The Complete Collection by Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore. Special to be launched June 2020.

Ranx: The Complete Collection is available for pre-orders through Diamond Comics, Diamond Books, comic book stores, Ingram, all major book wholesalers, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million and anywhere books or comics are sold.

LOS ANGELES, CA- Heavy Metal Entertainment announces the release of Ranx:The Complete Collection, a 208 page omnibus featuring the entire RanXerox library.

Ranx, the Italian science fiction graphic novel series by Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore, follows a bizarre antihero, Ranx, a mechanical cyborg made from discarded photocopier parts. After an unfortunate short circuit, he becomes the victim of fabricated feelings of love for his girlfriend Lubna, a brat, who is permanently high and has an abominable temperament. In a world that is a parody of contemporary society, featuring decadence, consumption, and selfishness, Ranx lives on as the epitome of true love. He is the last “knight in shining armor”. Ranx is a colossus in a world of savages, but don’t look for hidden meaning in these epic stories: they are merely a pretext for a lethal dose of cyberpunk, gratuitous violence, and eroticism. The amazing hyper-realistic art of Liberatore may shock and disturb you.


This book features the entire RanXerox collection that was serialized in Heavy Metal Magazine from 1983-1999, “Ranx in New York”, “Happy Birthday Lubna”, “Be Bop Lubna”, “I, Me, Mine Incorporated”, “Amen” and “I, Robot”.

This collection also includes never before seen early strips, “Ranx The Thug” and “Modern Dance”. A Gallery contains covers, pin-up art and sketches.

Ranx: The Complete Collection will be hardcover book, 8.5×11 and will retail for $29.99.

Heavy Metal CEO, Matt Medney says, “Ranx is a staple of international science fiction history, we are thrilled to be the Purveyor of it here in America.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring RanXerox to American audiences.  Ranx collections have been out of print for quite some time and they’ve never been collected quite like this. This book is a must for all fans of Liberatore and RanXerox,” explains edition editor Frank Forte.

Ranx: The Complete Collection will be featured in Diamond Comics Distributors March issue of Previews magazine and can be pre-ordered at comic book stores across the world. Pre-order due date is Wed. March 18th, 2020 at your local comic store. A list of comic book stores near you can be found at: https://www.comicshoplocator.com/

Ranx: The Complete Collection will also be available at bookstores, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million on June 27th, 2020.

Ranx:The Complete Collection  Pull quotes

“Tanino Liberatore. Italian. Acid-fueled son of Richard Corben. His dwindling output is still crowned by his RanXerox.”—Guillermo del Toro

“Ranx is a punk, futuristic Frankenstein monster, and with Lubna, they are a bizarre Beauty and the Beast. This artist and writer team have turned a dark mirror to the depths of our id, and we see reflected the base part of ourselves that would take what it wants with no compromise, no apology—and woe to the person who would cross us. But it is all done with a black, wry, satirical sense of humor.”—Richard Corben

“The Ranx character is a punky, post-apocalyptic android built from spare Xerox machine parts. All RanXerox stories were luxuriously illustrated with bizarre, violent and, to put it lightly, unchaste story lines.”—TwitchFilm

“—violent—often repulsive—yet Beautiful.”—Julie Simmons-Lynch

“Pure creativity without prejudices, that is Ranx. Stefano Tamburini and Gaetano Liberatore created an insane and sick future with a touch of innocence and black humor, a timeless gritty masterpiece, a grotesque acid tale which goes beyond the extreme violence. This visionary book, without any doubt, is the best example of a total artistic freedom”—Ladrönn

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